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Welcome to the website of Rick Franklin, Acoustic Blues Musician and songster extraordinaire. Here on this website, you will find news and events on Rick's schedule, along with samples of his music from his various recordings.


For the past twenty-three years, Rick Franklin has been playing and singing the Blues at local festivals and community events, as well as various clubs and cafes. His musical interests are eclectic, reflecting his considerable travels both domestic and abroad.

It's summertime, which means Rick is out on the Farmers Market Circuit in addition to his usual set of gigs. What could be better than buying veggies with the blues. Visit him at the USDA, Clarendon, Columbia Pike and Del Ray Farmers Markets for a taste of the blues. Click on the calendar link below to see all of Rick's future appearances.

Like what you're hearing from the jukebox above? Want to get more of Rick's music? Check out his Listening Gallery by clicking on the link below. And if you just can't go another day without the blues, contact Rick for info on how to get his albums.