Rick Franklin | Doin’ the Dozens
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Doin’ the Dozens

About This Project

Doin’ the Dozens is the second release by Rick Franklin and Neil Harpe, both on guitar and vocals. Franklin & Harpe perform 1920s and 1930s blues and ragtime in the Piedmont, Memphis, and St. Louis guitar-duet style.

  1. Joliet Bound
  2. Stop Hanging Around
  3. Raidin’ Squad Blues
  4. Pick Poor Robin Clean
  5. South Carolina Rag
  6. Stack O’Lee Blues
  7. Just Well Let Her Go
  8. If Blake Could See Me Now
  9. The Twelves (The Dirty Dozens)
  10. Beedle Um Bum
  11. 32-30 Blues
  12. Keep It Clean